Issues with syncing commit messages with Github, Beanstalk, or Bitbucket

If you're having problems syncing Git commits to DoneDone, here are some common reasons.

If you are using Github, we occasionally have had problems with Github post-receive hooks timing out.  There is a simple two-step fix for this that involves writing a couple of cURL commands. Here are instructions on what to do.

It may also be that the email address assigned to your repository does not match the account email address you are using in DoneDone. That’s how DoneDone knows how to associate a commit to the right user in your account.

  • To check your Git email address, type git config from the Git command line within a repository. You can update your email address for that repository via git config "". You can use git config --global if you want to view or alter your email address globally.
  • If you are using SVN in Beanstalk, simply check the email address you are using in Beanstalk.
  • To check your DoneDone account email address, log into DoneDone, click the Global Settings icon at the top, then click “View Profile” link from the dropdown menu. On your profile, look at your account email address.

If those email addresses don’t match up, you can either modify your Git or DoneDone address and try another commit.

  • If they do match up and things still are not working, we’ll need to take a look at what’s coming through on a sample commit. To do that:
  • Create a RequestBin at
  • Copy the generated URL as a new webhook URL in your repository.
  • Force a commit with a sample DoneDone issue update message into Github.
  • Send the generated URL to so that we can examine the information coming through in your commit and see where the wires are getting crossed.

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