Creating a new issue

If you're assigned to at least one project in DoneDone, you can create a new issue.

Click the Add Issue icon on the upper-right corner of DoneDone.
Choose the project for the issue in the dropdown. If you're already inside of a project, the dropdown will default you to that project.
Finally, add the details for the issue.
  • Title: An short, easily-identifiable description of the issue. 
  • Description: A longer explanation of the issue, including steps to reproduce and expected behavior. 
  • Priority: The importance of the issue.
  • Fixer: The person who is responsible for fixing the problem described in the issue. 
  • Tester: The person who will verify that the fixer's actions have resolved the issue. 
  • Due Date: Optional. The date the issue should be completed. 
  • Tags: Optional. Key words or phrases that can be used to categorize issues. 
  • Notified Users: Optional. People who should receive notifications each time the issue is updated.
Finally, click the Submit Issue button. This will send you directly to the new issue. If you'd like to continue adding issues, click the Submit Issue & Add Another button. All people who are assigned to the issue will receive an email notification.

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