Account and project roles

DoneDone has a few different roles at both the account and project level. This article explains what they are and how they differ.

Account roles

There are three account-level roles: Owner, admin, and normal user. To assign someone as an account admin, head to the Companies and People section. You need to be an account admin (or owner) yourself to make this update.

Normal user

Normal users only have access to the projects they've been assigned to. While they can create issues in the projects they belong to, they cannot create or manage new companies, people, or projects.

Account admin

An account admin has the ability to create and manage all projects, companies, and people within the system. Only members of the owner company for the account can be account admin. 

Account owner

The account owner can access everything an account admin can do plus the following:

Only the account owner can transfer ownership to another account admin. There is only one account owner. 

Project roles

Within a project, a person can be a project admin or a normal user. You can update the role of a person on a project either on the Edit People section of a project, or within their profile in the Companies & People section.

Normal user

A normal user on a project can create issues and view all issues within a project. However, they can only edit issues they are assigned to and cannot access to any project-level settings

Project admin

A project admin has the ability to:

The account admin or owner is automatically a project admin on all accounts in the project.

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