Why am I not receiving emails from DoneDone?

If you're not receiving emails from DoneDone, here are a few of the usual causes:

You may have disabled email notifications for a project

DoneDone allows you to disable email notifications on a specific project either through a link at the bottom of an email or on the Project Settings section. Check that you've enabled emails for the project that you're not getting notified on.

Not receiving a password reset or registration email? Contact us.

If you've just joined a new company, there's a chance your account was set up before your email address was actually working. We're super cautious of emails sent to fake email addresses, so it could be that we inadvertantly flagged your email upon registration. Just send us a note and we can ensure the email is re-activated and we'll send you a new reset or registration link.

Our emails may be getting flagged by your email filters. 

First, check any spam folders in your email program (Outlook, Gmail, etc.). If they’re not there, then the emails are likely being flagged on the network level, and you’ll need to contact your company IT folks to help whitelist the mydonedone.com domain.

If you are still having troubles, please contact us.

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